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CT Business. Connecticut Business

 Record Group
Identifier: CT Business
The Connecticut business collections document Connecticut’s evolution from an agrarian society to one that played a vital role in the Industrial Revolution. Comprised of daybooks from grist mills, dairy farms, and quarries of the early 19th century to annual reports and stock statements of companies whose dealings extended internationally in the mid and late 20th century, the majority of the archives are of businesses that made Connecticut an industry leader in the 19th and early 20th century/ Products include textiles and silk, brass and hardware manufacturing, clocks and watches, heavy machinery and tools, and telecommunications, with some collections in the areas of banking, rubber manufacturing, knitting needles, surgical sutures, toiletries and thermoses.

Found in 81 Collections and/or Records:

Granniss and Elmore Records

Identifier: 1985-0005
Abstract Ganung and Elmore, general merchandise and grocery firm of Litchfield, Connecticut, was founded by George S. Elmore (1856-1904) and C. M. Ganung in 1880 with stock purchased from a bankrupt company. In 1882, Mr. Ganung sold his interest in the store to Westoen G. Granniss (1855-1940) of Litchfield, Connecticut, and the store was renamed Granniss and Elmore. The firm dealt in general merchandise such as groceries, dry goods, dishes, crockery, carpets, window shades, screens, linoleum, and...
Dates: undated, 1880-1947

H. P. & E. Day, Inc. Records

Identifier: 1988-0027

H. P. & E. Day, Inc., of Seymour, Connecticut, manufactured hard rubber for pens and mechanical pencils. Records include administrative records, product orders and inventories, property and legal documents, financial records, and examples of the company's products. Also included is information about the predecessor and successor companies, Austin G. Day Company and Waterman Pen Company.

Dates: 1854-1955

Thorvald F. Hammer Papers

Identifier: 1989-0096
Abstract Thorvald Hammer was born in 1893. He was a leading industrialist and engineer in the state of Connecticut for over fifty years. He graduated from Yale University in 1918 and went on to serve in the U.S. Navy during the First World War. Thorvald Hammer became the president of the Malleable Iron Fittings Company (MIF) in 1935. An accomplished engineer, Mr. Hammer contributed to the development of the galvanizing process and was the holder of several original patents. After resigning from the...
Dates: undated, 1854-1987

Harris Graphics Company Records

Identifier: 1989-0090

The Harris Graphics Company Records consists of the administrative and financial records of the Harris Graphics Company and C.B. Cottrell & Sons, a printing press manufacturer bought out by Harris Graphics in the early 1980s.

Dates: undated, 1879-1979

Hartford Electric Light Company Records

Identifier: 1996-0010

Electric company of Hartford, Connecticut, established in 1882. Records consist of writings about the history of the company, correspondence, contracts, notes, maps, photographs, publications and financial records.

Dates: 1876-1973

Hartford National Bank & Trust Company Records

Identifier: 1995-0030
Abstract On 29 May 29 1792, the Hartford Bank was the first bank to be granted a charter in the State of Connecticut. On 8 August 1792, the Hartford Bank opened for business at a location on the south side of Pearl Street just a short distance from Main. Throughout its long history it has been situated in the business center of Hartford and always within a block of the original site. In 1865, it joined the national bank system and became known as the Hartford National Bank. By 1970, a total of twenty...
Dates: 1792-1976

Hartford National Corporation Records

Identifier: 1998-0300
Abstract In 1969, the Hartford National Bank and Trust Company became the first completely owned subsidiary bank of the newly established Hartford National Corporation. After this merger, the HNC had assets totaled over $1.1 billion. The purchase of Connecticut National Bank would almost double the number of banks under its management and increase its assets drastically. The HNC merged with Shawmut National Corporation. Hartford remained one of the two dual headquarters for the corporation until its...
Dates: undated, 1792-1995

Hartford Stock Exchange Records

Identifier: 1998-0376

Official quotation book of stock prices from companies in the Hartford, Connecticut, area that the Hartford Stock Exchange traded in. The ledger contains stock prices for the years 1918 to 1925.

Dates: 1918-1925

James M. Hill Papers

Identifier: 1996-0011

The James M. Hill Papers consist primarily of the business records of Mr. Hill's store in North Madison, Connecticut.

Dates: 1831-1888

H.K.H. Silk Company Records

Identifier: 1999-0066
Abstract Hammond, Knowlton and Company was a silk manufacturer in operation prior to 1892. The company consolidated with other companies in 1918 to form the H.K.H. Silk Company. This company had mills in Putnam, Watertown, New London, and Woodbury, CT, as well as Haverstraw, NY. The company headquarters was in Watertown, CT. In early 1925, it appears that the company changed its name to the Heminway Silk Corporation. As a matter of local interest, it is worth noting that company treasurer Clarence...
Dates: 1892-1924

Holley Manufacturing Company Records

Identifier: 1980-0028

The Holley Manufacturing Company of Lakeville (Salisbury), Connecticut, produced pocket cutlery and related products, from 1844 until 1946. Holley Manufacturing Company's sales and production declined after 1933 and the firm was dissolved in 1946.

Dates: undated, 1847-1933

Infoshred Records

Identifier: 2021-0134
Content Description

The collection consists of one shred bag, advertising flyers, an audio file of an interview with company owner taken on November 29, 2021, and a transcription of the interview. Also includes digital files of advertising, core values statement, exterior signage, mission statement, newsletter, sell sheets, and tour signage.

Dates: undated, 2015-2021

Dudley S. Ingraham Papers

Identifier: 1980-0036
Abstract Dudley Seymour Ingraham, son of William S. and Grace Seymour Ingraham, was born in Bristol, Connecticut on 14 August 1890. He was the great-grandson of Elias Ingraham, founder of the E. Ingraham Company (1831), manufacturer of clocks and watches. Ingraham attended local school and entered Phillips Andover Academy in 1906. In 1913 he graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Law degree. He joined the family firm as a billing clerk and worked his way up to director, vice-president,...
Dates: 1849-1984

Edward Ingraham Papers

Identifier: 1980-0035

Edward Ingraham was born in Bristol, Connecticut. He was the great-grandson of Elias Ingraham. Mr. Ingraham was the president of the E. Ingraham Company from 1927- 1954. He died in 1972 at the age of 85.

Dates: 1787-1971

International Silver Company Records

Identifier: 1980-0008

The International Silver Company was organized under the laws of the State of New Jersey on November 19, 1898. Within the next year, seventeen companies were purchased. By the early 1900s, it had become a large industrial corporation. Its operations centered at Meriden, Connecticut, would prove to be the major producer of silver products in the United States.

Dates: 1853-1931

Ives and Pierce Records

Identifier: 1979-0008

Ives and Pierce, a rural business in Canaan, Connecticut, was owned by Henry B. Ives and Robert D. Pierce, and sold grain, chicken feed, poultry, and agricultural supplies to local farmers. The business also sold coal to local residents. The records consist of 36 volumes of financial journals, daybooks, and coal and account books.

Dates: 1895-1929

J. B. Williams Company Records

Identifier: 1967-0001

Started as Williams' Genuine Yankee Soap around 1840; moved to Glastonbury, Connecticut in 1847 and gained its current name in 1848; acquired Conti Products Corporation in 1950; acquired R. B. Selmer, Inc. in 1952; was acquired by Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in 1957 and moved to Cranford, New Jersey but keeping the same name; was eventually sold to Nabisco in 1971.

Dates: 1853-1956

J. & E. Stevens Company Records

Identifier: 2008-0024

Toy company of Cromwell, Connecticut, specializing in the manufacture of cast iron toys, especially mechanical iron banks and cap pistols. Collection consists of one financial ledger of the company listing expenses, suppliers and customers, including Montgomery Ward and Gimbel Brothers.

Dates: 1888-1898

J. P. Harrington and Company Records

Identifier: 1979-0007

The collection consists of the financial records of J.P. Harrington and Company, general merchants of Collinsville, Connecticut.

Dates: 1860-1900

Vivien Kellems Papers

Identifier: 1992-0033

Vivien Kellems, Connecticut businesswoman and activist, served as president of the Kellems Cable Grip Company into the early 1960s. She also devoted herself to challenging the United States Government on issues such as personal rights during war time, business tax withholding from employees, inflated singles income tax and fair voting procedures.

Dates: undated, 1879-1976

Kent Iron Company Records

Identifier: 1979-0009

The Kent Iron Company was formed in 1864 by a group of local residents of Kent, Connecticut. The company was established on the site of an iron foundry that is believed to have produced ammunition for Washington's army and parts of the chain that the colonists extended across the Hudson River to prevent passage of British warships. Kent Iron Company's hot blast furnace was erected on the site of the region's first blast furnace built in 1826.

Dates: 1832-1882

Malleable Iron Fittings Company Records

Identifier: 1982-0004
Abstract Branford, Connecticut, metal foundry, founded by Joseph Nason in 1841 as the Joseph Nason Company. Name changed to Walworth and Nason Company of Boston, Massachusetts, to manufacture equipment and install steam heating, and then to Malleable Iron Fittings Company in 1864, which produced malleable iron castings. Collection consists of administrative records, including production ledgers, melting reports, inventory and shipment books, order books, salesbooks, correspondence, and payroll...
Dates: undated, 1842-1962

Mansfield Organ Pipe Works Records

Identifier: 1986-0005

The Mansfield Organ Pipe Works remained the sole manufacturer of metal-toed organ pipe feet in the world until around 1979. The company traces its origins to Erastus McCollum and his sons Julian and Henry.

Dates: undated, 1881-1934

Mechanical Bank Research Collection

Identifier: 2008-0098
Abstract The Mechanical Bank Research Collection consists of copies from scrapbooks compiled about the Mechanical Bank Collectors of America and mechanical banks, copies of patents and advertising, publications created and compiled for the MBCA annual conventions, newsletters, an issue of "Mechanical Music: Journal of the Music Box Society International," and a DVD comprised mostly of lectures done at the MBCA meetings. The collection also includes an index created by Mr. William Jones of accounting...
Dates: undated, 1867-2008.

M.S. Brooks Company Records

Identifier: 2000-0081

Screw eye and screw manufacturer of Chester, Connecticut, founded in 1848.

Dates: 1864-1944.

New Britain Machine Company Records

Identifier: 2007-0049
Abstract The New Britain Machine Company of New Britain, Connecticut, was established in 1895 as a successor to the J.T. Case Engine Company. Through the years the company produced a variety of machines including bar, chuckers, turning machines, precision boring machines, lathes, hand tools, and injection molding machines. The records consist of photographs, patents, tool and machine catalogs, employee newsletters, board of directors minutes, financial ledgers, mechanical drawings, and manuals of...
Dates: undated, 1890-1990

New England Steam Gauge Company Records

Identifier: 1980-0030

The Technical Equipment Company (TEC) had its general headquarters in New York City and a manufacturing plant in Niantic, Connecticut, by 1913. In the spring of 1913, TEC took over the gauge department of Utica Steam Gauge Company and the Libby Valve and Packing Company. By 1914, the company had become the New England Steam Gauge Company and had its base in Niantic.

Dates: undated, 1912-1961

Nirenstein National Realty Map Company Records

Identifier: 1988-0039

The Nirenstein National Realty Map Company of Springfield, Massachusetts, produced high quality atlases of urban and suburban businesses and shopping centers. Nathan Nirenstein founded the company in 1925.

Dates: undated, 1909-1983

John Francis O'Brien Papers

Identifier: 2010-0030

John Francis (Jack) O'Brien was born in Putnam, Connecticut, on March 21, 1896, and was a cable foreman for the Southern New England Telephone Company, beginning in February 1914. He died in Waterford, Connecticut, on September 19, 1983. The papers consist of photographs, correspondence and certificates, most involving Mr. O'Brien's service as a SNET employee.

Dates: undated, 1910s-1996.

Pratt & Whitney Company Records

Identifier: 1991-0033

The Pratt & Whitney Company Records includes instruction books, product information, machine reports and proposals, advertising circulars, catalogs, reference books, journal excerpts, publications, scrapbooks of images of machines and trade paper advertisements, transparencies, photographs, photographic negatives and a film of the Pratt & Whitney Company from 1901 to 1989.

Dates: 1901-1989