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APC. Alternative Press Collection

 Record Group
Identifier: APC
The collection consists of newspapers, periodicals and pamphlets of the non-establishment or alternative movements, political, economic and social, of the twentieth century, primarily American. Begun in 1967 when ephemeral campus underground materials were collected by Special Collections Department staff, documentation continued through the 1970s to focus on political and social problems of the decade In addition to subject files on alternative organizations, posters, buttons, and ephemera from social movements in the United States, the APC contains manuscript collections, including the personal papers of activists such as Abbie Hoffman, Cal Robertson, Stephen Thornton, and Foster Gunnison; records of social justice organizations such as the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union; and various topical collections including the Poras Collection of Vietnam War Memorabilia and the Meyer Collection of Fat Liberation

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Connecticut Citizens Action Group Records

Identifier: 1987-0024
Abstract The Connecticut Citizen Action Group was the first state-based consumer interest group. Created in 1971 by Ralph Nader and directed by Toby Moffett, CCAG was designed to represent, inform, unite, and empower the citizens of Connecticut in their roles as consumers, workers, tax payers, and voters. Taking on such issues as illegal business practices, utility rate increases, environmental pollution, and consumer fraud, the newly formed group was inundated with citizen requests for information and...
Dates: undated, 1964-2002

Connecticut Civil Liberties Union Records

Identifier: 1998-0291
Abstract The Connecticut Civil Liberties Union Records document the activities, history and administrative records of this organization. The collection contains the organizational documents of the New Haven Civil Liberties Council (1949-1958), administrative records of the CCLU (1958-1990) as well as the organization's materials pertaining to court cases.
Dates: 1949-2001

Foster Gunnison, Jr. Papers

Identifier: 1996-0009
Abstract From 1963 to 1975, Foster Gunnison, Jr. collected the records of the Eastern Conference of Homophile Organizations (ECHO), an early coalition of organizations seeking the creation of a national homophile organization, and the records of gay and lesbian organizations throughout the United States. He founded his own organization, the Institute for Social Ethics (ISE), "a libertarian-oriented research facility and think tank for controversial social issues", in the early 1960's. In 1967...
Dates: undated, 1945-1994

Hoffman Family Papers

Identifier: 1999-0106
Abstract The principal members of the Hoffman family present in the collection are John and Florence Hoffman; Abbie, Jack, and Phyllis, their children; Rose Shanberg, Florence's sister; and Anita Hoffman, Abbie's second wife. Other family members that appear in the collection include Joan Hoffman, Jack's wife; Sheila, Andrew, and Ilya "Amy" Hoffman, Abbie's first wife and children; america, Abbie and Anita's son; and Johanna Lawrenson, Abbie's common-law wife.
Dates: undated, 1933-1998.

Leonard Krimerman Commune and Cooperative Collection

Identifier: 2015-0045
Abstract A collection of newsletters, magazines and pamphlets relating to communitarianism and cooperative economics. Correspondance between Krimerman and members of the cooperative movement are also included.
Dates: undated, 1960-2004

Mayer Collection of Fat Liberation

Identifier: 1990-0057
Abstract Researcher and activist in the fat liberation movement and graduate student at the University of Connecticut; also known by the pseudonym Aldebaran.
Dates: undated, 1967-1983

Letitia McPhedran Collection of Photographs of the CCAG Stop the Mall Campaign

Identifier: 2002-0017
Abstract The collection contains correspondence and photographs documenting flooding of the area of what would become the North Haven Mall in North Haven, Connecticut. At the time the photographs were taken, Ms. McPhedran was a member of the Connecticut Citizen's Action Group.
Dates: 1979-2002

Poras Collection of Vietnam War Memorabilia

Identifier: 2007-0124
Abstract Materials from the American Vietnam War era, including American and Vietnamese propaganda, posters from the pro-war and anti-war movements, as well as artifacts from American soldiers who served in the war. 
Dates: undated, 1931-2001

Cal Robertson Papers

Identifier: 2015-0052
Abstract Collection of materials created and collected by Vietnam War veteran and peace activist, Cal Robertson.
Dates: undated, 1965-2014

Ed Sanders Papers

Identifier: 1978-0002
Abstract Collection materials reflect Sanders' literary and publishing work, affinities with writers from both the Beat and New York Schools of poetry, and political organizing activities and interests, including his pacifism, opposition to the Vietnam War and nuclear weapons, and advocacy for sexual freedom, legalization of marijuana, and freedom of expression. The collection includes manuscripts of poems, books, articles, and lyrics; correspondence; manuscript submissions and page proofs; promotional...
Dates: undated, 1955-1976

Stephen Thornton Papers

Identifier: 2014-0073
Abstract The papers of a labor activist and organizer of Hartford, Connecticut, including alternative press publications, union newsletters, strike and labor organizing literature, flyers and pamphlets.
Dates: undated, 1898-2017

Paul J. Zelanski Poster Collection

Identifier: 1996-0019
Abstract The collection contains posters assembled by Paul Zelanski, a Professor in the School of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut.
Dates: 1989-1993