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Ruth Krauss Papers

Identifier: 1994-0007

Scope and Contents

The Ruth Krauss Papers date from approximately 1938 through the early 1990s and include materials pertaining to Krauss's writing for children and for adults, from the earliest stages to final, published works. The collection also includes correspondence and financial records, and some material related to the work of Krauss's husband David Leisk (Crockett Johnson). Most materials date from the 1950s and 1960s.

The collection, especially in the Children's Literature series, is incomplete; the papers contain little or no materials pertaining to some of Krauss's works, especially some of the earlier ones.


  • Creation: undated, 1929-1992


The collection is open and available for research.


Ruth Krauss was born in 1901 in Baltimore, Maryland. She attended several universities and institutes. She received her bachelor's degree from the Parsons School of Fine and Applied Arts. In 1940, she married David Leisk (known as Crockett Johnson). From 1944 until 1979, Krauss published many children's works, some of which she illustrated herself. Other children's books were collaborations with her husband, usually employing Krauss's text and Johnson's illustrations. Krauss's career as a writer of adult poetry began in the late 1950s, with publications spanning 1965-1977. Many of these adult poems were experimental theatrical poems, many of which were performed in New York, New Haven, and Boston. Krauss died in 1993.


40.25 Linear Feet

Language of Materials



The Ruth Krauss Papers contain documents and artwork created by Ruth Krauss in her work as a children's author and poet. The collection also includes materials related to the publication of Krauss's books, such as galleys, illustrations, brochures, posters, and audio-visual materials. The collection contains some documents and artwork created by David Leisk (Crockett Johnson), Krauss's husband. Separated materials include monographs, serials, and audio-visual materials.


The collection was received in considerable disarray. Related materials were not packaged together, and unrelated materials were often intermixed in large-size envelopes and folders. These envelopes and folders were occasionally mislabeled, but sometimes provide the only clues about the items' identity and date. Where these envelopes and folders were too worn, fragile, or acidic to be preserved, they have been photocopied.

Materials were subsequently sorted by type into series, and subdivided by title and/or date for ease of research. The collection often contained multiple photocopies of the same original; only one of these copies was retained.

Series I: Correspondence (undated, 1947-1991)

Series II: Children's Literature (undated, 1947-1989)

Series III: Prose (undated, ca. 1938-1979)

Series IV: Notebooks (undated, 1954-1964)

Series V: Crockett Johnson Materials (undated, 1952-1986)

Series VI: Manuscripts Submitted for Review (undated, 1946-1989)

Series VII: Financial and Other Records (1967-1990)

Series VIII: Poetry (undated, 1958-1988)

Series IX: Artifacts (undated, 1929-1992)

Series X: Photographs (undated, 1962-1982)

Acquisition Information

The estate of Ruth Krauss gave physical custody of the Ruth Krauss papers to the NCLC in 1993. The papers were officially donated to the University of Connecticut Libraries on 7 July 1994.

Related Material

Archives & Special Collections has a substantial collection of materials pertaining to children's literature, associated artwork and publishing. For detailed information on these collections please contact the curator or ask at the Reading Room desk.

Separated Material

Books, monographs, newspapers, newsletters, and serial publications have been separated and cataloged.

Books by Krauss

Backward Day (Dodd CLC C1363).

Bears (Dodd WPZ 338 and CLC C3441).

Big and Little (Dodd CLC C3442).

The Big World and the Little House (Dodd CLC C1364).

The Birthday Party (Dodd CLC A2309).

A Bouquet of Littles (Dodd CLC A2040).

The Cantilever Rainbow (Dodd CLC A2041, CLC A2042, CLC C1272).

The Carrot Seed (Dodd B3046; HBL PZ7 .K875 Car).

The Carrot Seed [large format] (Dodd MC 3 27)

Charlotte and the White Horse (Dodd CLC A2043).

Es Ist Fein Klein Zu Sein (Dodd CLC A2045). German version of Open House for Butterflies.

Everything Under a Mushroom (Dodd CLC B148, WPZ 122).

The Great Duffy.

The Growing Story.

The Happy Day (Dodd CLC D422).

The Happy Egg.

"Himself" [postcards].

A Hole is to Dig (Dodd CLC A114, HBL PZ7.K875 Ho).

How to Make an Earthquake.

I Can Fly (Dodd CLC A1037).

I Want to Paint My Bathroom Blue.

I Write It.

If Only (Dodd WPS 2553).

I'll Be You and You Be Me (Dodd C3331).

Ik Kan Vliegen .

Imagine That! .

Is This You? (co-authored with Crockett Johnson).

Jar Vasicek Nerostl.

Jorden er Til at Sta Pa .

Little Boat Lighter than a Cork (Dodd A3164).

Little King, Little Queen, Little Monster .

Ein Loch Ist Was Man Grabt (Dodd CLC A2044). German version of A Hole Is to Dig

Mama, I Wish I Was Snow.

Mina Olisin Sina ja Sina Olisit Mina .


Monkey Day (Dodd XA I.2 no.26, CLC D36).

A Moon or a Button.

Open House for Butterflies.

Somebody Else's Nut Tree (Dodd CLC C839, C1333 copy 1 and copy 2).

Somebody Spilled the Sky.

There's a Little Ambiguity Over There Among the Bluebells (Dodd B3902, B3822, HBL oversize PS3561.R3 T5).

This Breast Gothic (Dodd WPS 1237).

Under 13 (Dodd WPS 1236).

Under Twenty (Dodd WPS 1235).

A Very Special House (Dodd CLC C719).

Viele viele Kinderspiele .

Books by Crockett Johnson

Aluo di tong hua guo (Dodd CLC A2095, copies 1 and 2). Harold's Fairy Tale in Chinese.

Aluo you zhi cai ce bi (Dodd CLC A2089, copies 1 and 2). Harold and the Purple Crayon in Chinese.


Barnaby (HBL Art Library NC 1429 L429 B37).

Barnaby 2: Mr. O'Malley and the Haunted House .

Barnaby 3: Jackeen J. O'Malley for Congress .

Barnaby 4: Mr. O'Malley Goes for the Gold .

Barnaby 6: J.J. O'Malley Goes to Hollywood .

Barnaby and Mr. O'Malley .

Blue Ribbon Puppies .

Castles in the Sand .

Ellen's Lion .

Emperor's Gift .

Frowning Prince (Dodd B3404).

Gordy and the Pirate.

Harold and the Purple Crayon (Dodd CLC A2073, CLC A2078, CLC A2079, CLC A2087, CLC A2074, CLC A2075, CLC A2076, CLC A2077, HBL PZ 7 L537 Har).

Harold and the Purple Crayon (in Hebrew).

Harold at the North Pole (Dodd CLC A2090).

Harold's ABC (Dodd CLC A2092, CLC A2091).

Harold's Circus (Dodd CLC A2204).

Harold's Fairy Tale (Dodd CLC A2096, CLC A2204).

Harold's Trip to the Sky (Dodd CLC A2097, CLC A2098, CLC A2099).

Ich Mach Mir Meine Eigne Welt (Dodd CLC A2086). Harold and the Purple Crayon in German.

The Lion's Own Story (Dodd CLC B549).

The Little Fish that Got Away.

Merry Go Round and Round and Round .

Mickey's Magnet (Dodd CLC A1163).

Paultje en het Paarse Krijtje (Dodd CLC A2080). Harold and the Purple Crayon in Dutch.

Paultje op Mars (Dodd CLC 2100). Harold's Trip to the Sky in Dutch.

Pelle och den Roda Kritan (Dodd CLC A2088). Harold and the Purple Crayon in Swedish.

Pelles aventyr (Dodd CLC A2094). Harold's Fairy Tale in Swedish.

A Picture for Harold's Room (Dodd CLC A2101, CLC A2104, CLC A2102, CLC A2103).

The Saga of Quilby .

Terrible Terrifying Toby .

Time for Spring .

We Wonder What Will Walter Be, When He Grows Up? (Dodd CLC C170).

Who's Upside Down?

Will Spring Be Early? or Will Spring Be Late?.

Books, Broadsides, and Monographs by Others

Aldridge, Adele, Notpoems(1972) (Greater Hartford Library PS3551.L343 N6).

Anderson, David, Under Western Eyes (1970) (Dodd XA I.1 no.93).

Ansen, Alan, Disorderly Houses (1961) (Dodd A6757).

Ansen, Alan, The Old Religion (1959) (Dodd WPS 772).

Ashberry, John, April Galleons, (1987) (Dodd C4218, HBL PS3501.S475 A86 1987).

Ashberry, John, Rivers and Mountains (1966) (Dodd B2801, HBL 811.54 As32r).

At the Gallery (1972).

Auden, W.H., Making, Knowing, and Judging (1956) (HBL 808.1 Au23).

Baudelaire, Charles, Twenty Prose Poems (1968) (Dodd A6644).

Baxter, Glen, Drawings (1974) (Dodd XA I.2 no.87).

Beck, Regina, Looking at the Sun (1974).

Berkson, Bill, Recent Visitors (1973) (Dodd XA I.2 no.17, D1015).

Berkson, Bill, Shining Leaves (1969) (Dodd C2147).

Berkson, Bill, and Frank O'Hara, Hymns of St. Bridget (1974) (Dodd XA I.2 no.18).

Berrigan, Sandy, Daily Rites (1974) (Dodd WPS 3009).

Berrigan, Ted, The Drunken Boat (1974) (Dodd C2492).

Berrigan, Ted, and Anne Waldman, Memorial Day (1971) (Dodd XA I.4 no.93).

Bloedow, Jerry, Power (1977)

Bly, Robert, Sleepers Joining Hands (1973) (Dodd C4663/A6727).

Bly, Robert, The Teeth Mother Naked at Last (1970) (Dodd WPS 364).

Brainard, Joe, I Remember More (1972) (Dodd C2406).

Brainard, Joe, Some Drawings of Notes to Myself (1971) (Dodd C2211).

Breton, Andre, Fata Morgana (1969) (Dodd WPQ 47).

Broughton, John, Look In, Look Out (1968) (Dodd C1039).

Brown, Bob, 1450-1950 (1959) (Dodd B2243).

Brown, Rebecca, 3 Way Split (1978) (Dodd WPS 1390).

Brown, Rebecca, The Bicycle Trip and Poems (1974) (Dodd XA I.9 no 26).

Brown, Rebecca, Mouse Works (1971) (Dodd XA I.2 no. 55).

Brownstein, Michael, Highway to the Sky (1969) (Dodd B3139, HBL PS3552.R79 H5).

Bukowski, Charles, It Catches My Heart in Its Hands (1963) (Dodd C775).

Burndy Library, Heralds of Science (1955) (HBL Ref Z 7405 H6 B8 1969).

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Cavellini, Gugliemo Achille, Cimeli (1974).

Cavellini, Gugliemo Achille, Continuo La Serie delle Mie Mostre a Domicilio (1975)

Cendras, Blaise, Kodak (1976) (Dodd XA I.6 no. 134).

Ceravolo, Joseph, Fits of Dawn (1965) (Dodd C2204).

Clark, Tom, Car Wash (1970) (Dodd C2212).

Collom, Jack, Workday (1971) (Dodd XA I.7 no. 21).

Colony, Horatio, The Early Land (1962) (Dodd A6725).

Coolidge, Clark, The So: Poems 1966 (1966) (Dodd XA I.3 no. 65).

Cumberland, David, Death and Justice Frescoes (1971) (Dodd C3455, HBL PS3553.U43 D4).

Dawson, Fielding, The Girl with the Pale Cerulean Eyes: The Man with the Grey Hair (1974) (Dodd C2770).

Deitch, Gene, The Picture Book Animated (1978).

Demise, Phil, What I Don't Know for Sure (1978).

Dibner, Bern, Luigi Galvani (1979).

Di Palma, Raymond, Borgia Circles (1972)

Di Prima, Diana, Dinners and Nightmares (1961) (Dodd B4412, HBL PS3507.I68 D56 1998).

Donnelly, Dorothy, Kudzu and Other Poems (1978) (Dodd A6645).

Duncan, Robert, Selected Poems (1959) (Dodd WPS 274).

Eaton, Charles Edward, Countermoves (1962) (Dodd A6756).

Edson, Russell, The Boundary (1964) (WPS 1813).

Edson, Russell, A Stone is Nobody's: Fables & Drawings (1961) (WPS 1634).

Elmslie, Kenward, City Juncket (1972) (Dodd A3866, C2074).

Elmslie, Kenward, Communications Equipment (1979) (Dodd WPS 1576).

Fagin, Larry, Brain Damage (1970) (Dodd C2155)

Fagin, Larry, Landscape (1972) (Dodd WPS 528).

Fagin, Larry, Twelve Poems (1972) (Dodd WPS 527).

Famous Authors and Artists, Volume 2.

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence, Starting from San Francisco (1961) (Dodd B2486, HBL PS3511.E557 S8 1967, Greater Hartford PS3511.E557 S8, Stamford PS3511.E557 S8)

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Finlay, Ian Hamilton, Futura

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Freilicher, Melvyn, History Lessons: etc. Post Post Post Post-Post Post Modernism, The Past.

Freilicher, Melvyn, The Meaning of the Word "Inspriation": My Autobiography.

Freilicher, Melvyn, Genre Studies: The Novel.

Freilicher, Melvyn, Genre Studies: The Textbook.

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2 Unidentified Hebrew books.

Untitled poetry anthology.

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Audio Cassettes, unidentified, 8.

Audio Tapes (Reel to reel), 2.

Authors of the Month: Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault (audio cassette).

Bentley, Eric, Eric Bentley Sings "The Queen of 42nd Street" and Other Songs (LP).

Boogie Woogie (LP set).

Broughton, James, The Bard and the Harper (LP).

Contact sheet, Crocket Johnson and Ruth Krauss, 1.

Ellington, Duke, The Duke (LP set).

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (LP set).

Kuralt, Charles, narrator, The Incredible Year (LP).

Lead Belly and the Golden Gate Quartet, "The Midnight Special" and other Southern Prison Songs (LP set).

"A Letter to Amy" (short 33 1/3 record).

Levine, Dr. Henry "Hotlips" and his Barefoot Dixieland Philharmonic, NBC's Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street (LP set).

Long, Lee, "The Wedding Song" / "Til Tall" (45 record).

LP sets, unidentified, 2.

Marais and Miranda, Ballads of Long Ago (LP).

Marais, Josef, and his Bushveld Band, Songs of the South African Veld (LP set).

Matilda by Roald Dahl (audio cassette).

"Mickey's Magnet" (short 33 1/3 record).

"Mozart: Sonata in C Major" (LP).

Peter and the Wolf (LP set).

Rose, Norman, narrator, The Carrot Seed (short record).

Tatum, Art, Decca Presents Art Tatum (LP).

Video Cassettes (VHS Format), 2.

Weston Wood Studios, Children's literature, 2 LPS.

Zeisl, Eric, Pieces for Barbara / Children's Songs (LP set).


Ruth Krauss Papers
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