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Terrence Webster-Doyle Papers

Identifier: 2004-0028

Scope and Content

The Collection contains notes, manuscripts and copies of Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle's publications as well as correspondence, publications, and audio-visual materials associated with his programs and publications. Subjects discussed in the collection include the Atrium Society, the International Journal of Peace Studies, bullying, martial arts, war, the Oak Grove School, and Vermont Peace Day. The collection includes materials that span his literary career, from 1975 to 2003.


  • 1975-2012


The collection is open and available for research.

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Permission to publish from these Papers must be obtained in writing from both the University of Connecticut Libraries and the owner(s) of the copyright.


Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyleis a prolific writer having written over 50 internationally acclaimed, award winning literary works for young people and adults that focus on the issue of achieving peace through understanding what prevents it – conditioned thinking. He has won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin award nine times along with numerous other outstanding accolades for his work in the peace education field. Webster-Doyle's understanding on the nature and structure of conditioned thinking in creating conflict is based on the initial insights of Quantum Physicist Dr. David Bohm, a colleague of Albert Einstein, formerly of Princeton University. A recent outcome of this relationship of creating literary works based on understanding the root causes of violence in conditioned thinking has helped over 5000 Liberian children of war to understand and resolve conflict peacefully. Webster-Doyle's books are archived at the University of Connecticut and are also on permanent display at the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, the Commonwealth of Independent States and at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima Japan.


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Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle is the author of twenty internationally acclaimed, award-winning books that discuss topics such as bullying, martial arts, and teaching children peaceful solutions to social problems. The collection contains many of his publications, and related materials.


Series I: Writings (undated, 1978-2003) includes articles, drafts, illustrations, proofs and manuscript materials.

Series II: Correspondence (undated, 1975-1995) contains general correspondence and correspondence associated with Oak Grove School.

Series III: Subject Files (undated, 1977-2001) includes notes, brochures, articles, announcements and general materials pertaining to Dr. Webster-Doyle's activities, programs and publications.

Series IV: 2012 Addition (2011) includes correspondence, notes and publications. The series includes materials related to the Atrium Society, the International Journal of Peace Studies, and martial arts programs.

Acquisition Information

The Papers were donated by Terrence Webster-Doyle in February 2004.

Related Material

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Separated Material

The following materials have been separated from the collection and cataloged:


Awareness: Exploring the roots of conflict Dodd D1624

Brave New Child. Education for the 21st Century Dodd B6565

Breaking the Chains of the Ancient Warrior Dodd CLC C3423

Bully Buster System Dodd D1638-1640

Case of the conditioned mind Dodd C 10385/ CD1852

Defeat the Bully without fighting Dodd D 1625/1626

Dr. T's Character for Kids Kit Dodd D1641

Dr. Webster-Doyle's Martial Arts Guide for Parents Dodd B6566

Eye of the Hurricane. Dodd CLC C3424

Facing the double edged sword. Dodd CLC C3425

Fighting the Invisible Enemy. Dodd CLC 3426

Flight of the Golden Eagle. Dodd CLC 3427

Growing Up Sane. Dodd B6567

Karate. The art of empty self. Dodd B6568/B6569/A4968 Martial Art Museum for Peace : breaking the chains of the ancient warriors : an online museum to understand the roots of human conflict Dodd C12477

Martial Arts Manners. Dodd D1642

Martial arts masters. Dodd CLC C3428

Mastering Martial Arts Manners. Dodd D 1627

Maze of the Fire Dragon. Dodd CLC C3429

My first martial arts book. Dodd CLC C3430

Lucha a la Cuerda. Dodd D 1637

Notes from Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle on his work with the Atrium Society/ Youth Peace Literacy Dodd C12479

One Encounter One Chance. The Essence of the Art of Karate. Dodd C6161/C6162

Operation Warhawks. Dodd CLC C3431

Peace, The enemy of Freedom. Dodd B6570

Peace - what prevents it? : understanding the conditioned mind Dodd C12478

The Religious Impulse: A Quest for Innocence. Dodd B6571

Respect, the act which conquers fear. Dodd D1629

Respect, the martial arts Code of Conduct. Dodd D1628/CLC C3432

Tug of War. Dodd CLC C3433

Understanding: Creating peace. Dodd D1630-1/2

War: What is it good for? Dodd D1632

Why is everybody always picking on me? Dodd D1633

Why is everybody always picking on us? . Dodd D1634/1635, CLC C3434/3435

The Case of the Conditioned Mind. Dodd C10385

[Russian title]. Dodd CLC C3436


Black Belt, January 1997.

Black Belt Kids

Detskai Interatira [Russian periodical], January - April, June - July 1993.

Journal of Asian Martial Arts, v. 6, #2, 1997.

Shuhari, v. I, #1-2.

Sports Illustrated for Kids, September 1996.

Taking Time, v. I, #3, 11.


Atrium #2 Dodd Video 193

Black Belt; How to defeat the Bully the smart way 2004-0028.vr1

Charles Grodin Show appearance Dodd Video 184

Education for Peace in the 21st Century Dodd Video 182

Education for Peace Dodd Video 181

Forum 22 show Dodd Video 183

International Children's Disarmament Dodd Video 188

Solving Conflict Peacefully through the Art of Karate 2004-0028.vr2

Audio Cassettes

Dr. Aiello Show 2004-0028.ac2, 2004-0028.ac3, 2004-0028.ac4, 2004-0028.ac5, 2004-0028.ac5, 2004-0028.ac6, 2004-0028.ac8, 2004-0028.ac14

Radio Martial Arts Dodd Audio 865

Warrior Talk 2004-0028.ac1, 2004-0028.ac7, 2004-0028.ac9, 2004-0028.ac10, 2004-0028.ac11, 2004-0028.ac12, 2004-0028.ac13


Complete Education Dodd

The Case of the Conditioned Mind Dodd CD 1852

Are We Hardwired for War? Dodd C12631

Are We Born to Bully? from the Playground to the Battlefield Dodd C12630

MAP S.T.A.R.S. Life Skills: Character Development - Conflict Education Career Training Program Dodd C12632

Are We Born Hardwired for War? Is War in Our DNA? Dodd C12633

Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Us? Exhibits Dodd D2742

Are We Born to Bully? From the Playground to the Battlefield, From Cave People to Modern People Dodd C12634

Collection Background

Established in 2004, the Terrence Webster-Doyle Papers contain materials having to do with conditioned thinking based on the bully/victim cycle – from the playground to the battlefield – and how the primitive biologically programmed brain creates psychological conditioning that creates conflict and hence prevents peace, individually and globally. Influenced by the educational philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti in 1968, Webster-Doyle began to teach classes at Sonoma State University in the search for understanding the cause, nature, and structure of conditioned thinking. Webster-Doyle also studied the work of Dr. David Bohm Quantum Physicist, a former colleague of Albert Einstein, who studied the relationship between thought and reality; and Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World and George Orwell author of 1984 which explored the nature and effect of destructive conditioning.

With his wife Jean, they founded the Atrium Society to promote the understanding of conditioned thinking in the education of young people worldwide ( His 56 published literary works contain not only books but also workbooks for students, and curriculum for teachers, martial arts instructors, and parents, with worksheets, group and individual activities, and tools to chart progress in conflict prevention. Webster-Doyle is also the Founder and Chief Instructor of Martial Arts for Peace, and has utilized his extensive experience for over 50 years in this peace educating field as a focus for the exploration of the nature of conflict for individuals, schools and society.

Working with Dr. Marvin Davis, an eminent Liberian peace educator, Webster-Doyle discovered a completely new paradigm for peace education. After carrying out a research test case of twenty former child combatants’ post-war behavior for five years in Buchanan, just after the Liberian civil war’s end, Dr. Davis, using Webster-Doyle’s program Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Us? Understanding the Roots of Prejudice demonstrated that the fundamental cause of the war was due to psychological conditioning. This realization led to the book Brave New Child – Liberating the Children of Liberia and the World. Dr. Davis has now introduced these findings to more than 5000 war-torn Liberian youth with amazing success. Not satisfied that these findings completely addressed understanding the core of human conflict Webster-Doyle’s further studies based on this initial find led to the realization that underneath this psychological conditioned state of mind in the primitive biologically hardwired brain was a genetic instinctual malfunction in the brains of these young warriors. This inbuilt state of mind was rooted in eons of being hardwired for war as a maladaptive survival instinct that was paradoxically preventing it and that was the fundamental cause of the conflict. In other words, they suffered from an inborn conditioned drive to survive through ethnocentric domination, what Webster-Doyle calls “ethnocentric genetic genocide”– that war is in our DNA – that it’s a genetically instinctive survival reaction due to the notion of what survival mistakenly means. What triggers this biological hardwired automatic survival reaction is the instinctive fear of who and what we have been conditioned to think is a threat to “our” survival. In this case of war it is the image of “the enemy,” that ethnocentric ideological nemesis –“them” – that is in competition with “us” for our survival. And that survival at all costs depends on our allegiance to and identity with our group, belief system or nation state for that assurance. This led to the development of Webster-Doyle’s program Hardwired for War – A Genetically Instinctive Survival Reaction that is now being used in schools in Liberia. His books are also on permanent display at the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, the Commonwealth of Independent States and at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Japan.

Terrence Webster-Doyle Papers
Archives & Special Collections staff
2004 October
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